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Are you a Vietnam Vet with children in Asia?

Brian Hjort, who lives in Sweden, is reuniting Vietnam veterans with their children in Asia. Here's his story:

For the last 20 years,I had been assisting Vietnam veterans and Amerasians in locating each other. Amerasians are children of American service men and Vietnamese women, born during the war and left behind after, in the mercy of the new goverment from the north.

They were seen as children of enemy and treated like that, without any basic human rights, no family, love, place to live, food, schools all the things we belive are needed for live an normal life. They grew up without an childhood and simply just survived to make an living.

In mid-'80s an U.N. program allowed Amerasians to come to USA and resettle, but it ended in 1997 and it left behind an large number of Amerasians in Vietnam, again without hopes for an better life in their fatherland.



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