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Unscrupulous dog rescue groups

A reader writes:


Dog rescue organizations are wonderful if they operate properly. Some groups are only in it for the $$$. They get a tax exempt status & are free to cherry pick dogs from the shelters.This is even better than backyard breeding ! Most take cash only. They are Unregulated or licensed (at least here in Phoenix). Some of the unethical groups are money making scams dealing in sick animals. My experience has been mixed. We adopted one dog that had Pneumonia but got well after lengthy care & expense.We also got a one with distemper that suffered badly & had to be euthanized breaking our hearts & wallets. Very often these groups do NOT answer calls about adoption & health issues they are fine with returning calls till they are paid. This situation cries out for proper licensing & regulation.The greedy ones need to be weeded out to prevent scams & promote the real animal lovers that are in it to help animals humanely & NOT to abuse this system.



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