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The difference in health insurance premiums for rural and urban

Rural Americans are really getting a terrible, unaffordable deal under Obamacare. (And I supported the ACA). This would be an easy story to do since all you need to do is enter a few facts into and then "edit" the zip code to see what the same family would pay in rural vs urban areas.


These are my facts:

Premium increase of $633 per month under Obamacare.


Facts: Family of three in Colorado, zip code 81321. All males, years of birth 1954, 1989, 1995. Policy premium in 2013 BCBS $390, policy canceled. Lowest policy premium on the exchange for 2014 $1,023. Increase $633. Gross income $78,400, no subsidy. Premium over 15% of gross income.


Run the numbers on (or the Colorado exchange). Make sure you select coverage for 2014.Then change the zip code to Denver 80201. Lowest policy premium for 2014 $642.


Conclusion: Rural Americans are being greatly harmed by the ACA.



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