$800 for a pain patch?

A reader writes: A hospice in Georgia has been charging $800 for a pain patch for dying patients. The hospice reports that Medicare does not pay for pain relief patches for dying patients. The same patch can be bought in Krogers supermarket, 5 patches for $70.00. Read More »

Submitted by bill.dedman

Unscrupulous dog rescue groups

A reader writes: Dog rescue organizations are wonderful if they operate properly. Some groups are only in it for the $$$. They get a tax exempt status & are free to cherry pick dogs from the shelters.This is even better than backyard breeding ! Most take cash only. They are Unregulated or licensed (at least here in Phoenix). Some of the unethical groups are money making scams dealing in sick animals. My experience Read More »

Submitted by gil.aegerter

wrecked vehicles wi8th clean carfax

unscrupulous car dealers are importing vehicles into the U.S. from Canada. Problem is they have been wrecked and repaired in Canada, then sold at dealer auctions in that country. When the cars are imported into the U.S., the CarFax comes back clean and the consumer is left to deal with a vehicle that has been poorly repaired and may be unsafe. Read More »

Submitted by Greg Gradisar

No Doctors Accepting Medicare

We live in Colorado and can not find any doctors that will accept new Medicare patients under the new laws. We both have serious medical problems and just moved here from Florida and every doctor in the Medicare book says they are not taking new patients. This needs to be fixed ASAP. Read More »

Submitted by Dean Sneary

Diamond settlement

A reader asks: Could you do an investigation on what happened with the DeBeers Diamond class action settlement from several years ago? I have been checking into it, and it appears to have been nothing more than a big scam for lawyers to make money. It appears that out of the 295 million dollar settlement, the only people to have been paid are the attorneys at an amount of over 70 million dollars for "fees". I know many Read More »

Submitted by bill.dedman

Has your property been sold in the storage wars?

A reader in Harrisburg, Pa., asks: Have you seen these TV shows where items in storage units are auctioned off? I'm appalled at these TV shows preying on other people's misfortunes. From what I understand of the Pennsylvania laws on storage auctions, any money over the fees owed is is supposed to go back to the unit's owner but they need to ask for it. People are not aware of their rights. Read More »

Submitted by michael.brunker

Have you been disenrolled by a Native American tribe?

A reader in Illinois writes: I am one of 16 cousins who were disenrolled this week from the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, without cause, due process or explanation of any kind. Over 154 members were banished this week. We had our homes, health care, income and rights taken away with the signing of pen. What we have discovered is pointing to corruption, greed and scandal. ... The Bureau of Indian Affairs has turned Read More »

Submitted by michael.brunker

Are you a Vietnam Vet with children in Asia?

Brian Hjort, who lives in Sweden, is reuniting Vietnam veterans with their children in Asia. Here's his story: For the last 20 years,I had been assisting Vietnam veterans and Amerasians in locating each other. Amerasians are children of American service men and Vietnamese women, born during the war and left behind after, in the mercy of the new goverment from the north. They were seen as children of enemy and treated Read More »

Submitted by michael.brunker

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Shady Moving Company - Blue Jay Van Lines

We hired Budget to move our belonging to CA from TN. The day the movers showed up, I learned Budget had subcontracted the moving of our belongings to a company named Blue Jay Van Lines. The day our belongings were to arrive, we received a call stating that the moving van was in an accident near the border of AZ/CA and that we lost everything. We searched the Internet to see if we could locate the accident and contact Read More »

Submitted by Terry Eaton

Nursing Home abuse and neglect

Send undercover workers in to show how residents are cursed, physically and psychologically abused by refusal of basic care. Residents that are unable to feed themselves are starved, the plea for assistance goes unanswered. This is nationwide and is swept under the rug because elders are not revered in this country! Read More »

Submitted by Marchell Gardner

No Doctors Accepting Medicare

We live in Colorado and can not find any doctors that will accept new Medicare patients under the new laws. We both have serious medical problems and just moved here from Florida and every doctor in the Medicare book says they are not taking new patients. This needs to be fixed ASAP. Read More »

Submitted by Dean Sneary

The difference in health insurance premiums for rural and urban

Rural Americans are really getting a terrible, unaffordable deal under Obamacare. (And I supported the ACA). This would be an easy story to do since all you need to do is enter a few facts into esurance.com and then "edit" the zip code to see what the same family would pay in rural vs urban areas. These are my facts: Premium increase of $633 per month under Obamacare. Facts: Family of three in Colorado, zip code 81321. Read More »

Submitted by Steve Sandor

What will happen to Obamacare's Sponsered PCIP Insurance Coverag

I, like Millions others, signed up for the Obamacare PCIP Insurance which is a Government Sponsered Policy that provides Insurance for people with Pre-Existing Conditions. That coverage ends December 31, 2013 and we have all been told it can NOT be renewed past that because of no more Government funding. Is that going to be extended past December of this year because of all the on-going delays?? No one is mentioning this Read More »

Submitted by Keith A. Wukasch

Unethical Debit Card Minimum Amount Purchase.

Merchants throughout the New York City (and I assume throughout the country) continue to improperly set minimum amounts to consumers who wish to pay with a Visa or Mastercard debit card. I have been refused to make a purchase on a product (or products) because it does not meet the minimum amount needed to use a debit card. The minimum amount varies from store to store. Only problem is that practice is clearly against Read More »

Submitted by Wiseguy

Monopoly Of Auto Insurance Rates Ripoff

Auto premiums have been skyrocketing for years. If one collects data on the number of accidents along with the number of autos within an area an investigation is needed. In my area less than 1% result in accidents. Even if each accident resulted in both autos being totaled it shows huge profits. I've never been able to review an annual report but I've also never seen an investigative story on this topic. I suspect Read More »

Submitted by Stephan Laurin

Dermatologists overcharging....

When you go to some ( most) dermatologists they walk into the exam room and immediately spray CO2 on a spot on your arm or someplace. Most insurance companies and Medicare consider this "surgery" and it immediately increases your bill by $200-300. This is wrong and why dermatologists are in the top of highest paid specialties. This needs to stop and I haven't found a specialist that doesn't do this, particularly in Read More »

Submitted by Kim Garrison

Educational Disaster Looming

Could you please look into the Common Core Educational initiative and ties to the tech companies that will insanely profit from the same? Basically every school system in the entire nation will be expected to buy computers for every student in the nation at taxpayer’s expense, so that students will be better prepared for the future. However there has never been a single test case regarding the efficacy of the program Read More »

Submitted by Jim Williamson

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